Company Profile

HD Mobile Detailing Inc. is a professionally managed, year-round, full service hand wash and mobile detail shop located all throughout the North West area for over 15 years. We all love our cars, perhaps our proudest moment as a owner is when it is new and looks its best. A car, however, is not like a painting, which serves its purpose in a controlled and safe environment. Your car is subjected to all sorts of abuse including the sun, dirt and smog. You can keep your car in new condition just like a painting protected in a museum by visiting HD Mobile Detailing Inc. on a regular basis.

Why Us?

HD Mobile Detailing Inc. uses only the latest technology and best materials available for auto detailing to make your car look like new again, with their tested and proven five-step process, your car will be meticulously hand washed clay buffed, removing pollutant fallout and contamination; buffed with a light compound, removing surface scratches and oxidation; machine polished, restoring your paint’s exuberance; and protected, using a wax or polymer sealant. Complete interior detailing cleaning include professional shampooing of all carpet, upholstery and mats; thorough cleaning and polishing of all interior surfaces including dashboard, door panels, seats and all nooks and crannies, as well fabric treatment or cleaning and conditioning leathers. Fleet work for dealerships is one of their specialties.