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HD Deluxe Hand Wash

Each vehicle takes approximately 1 hour. Larger vehicles take longer.

Available for: Sedan, SUV, Larger Trucks, and Vans.

A 2018 Audi A4, or a well-worn pre-owned vehicle, you love your car.

At HD Mobile Detailing, we get that. We’re the same way.

That’s why we go the extra mile to assure wholehearted satisfaction, and it’s why we treat automotive detailing like the art and science that it is.

It’s been said that good detailing is 90% application and 10% product. The best detailer, in other words, can get decent results with decent products, but the worst detailer can’t get great results even with great products. We at HD Mobile know what a world of truth there is to that claim.

Here are some of the assorted services we perform:

• Exterior hand wash with clay bar to remove and dirt and road debris
⦁ Wheel cleaning with wheel bright non-acidic cleaner
⦁ Hand scrub and degrease under fenders and moldings
⦁ Clean interior free of dirt and debris from cracks, crevices, under seats and air vents
⦁ Thorough vacuum interior on carpets and all surfaces
⦁ Use Cyclo floor scrubber to deep clean and rejuvenate carpets
⦁ Hot water extractor to remove interior stains and sterilize interior
⦁ Clean leather seats with a professional leather cleaner
⦁ Clean fabric seats with soft brush/water extractor
⦁ Apply stain guard to all fabric on interior
⦁ Clean all interior surfaces, console and dash with professional cleaner
⦁ Apply auto protection system to all vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces
⦁ 3 step paint reconditioning with buffer to remove light scratches and old swirl marks
⦁ Apply polymer sealant to all exterior painted surfaces to protect from the elements
⦁ Top it off with a show shine finish, tire dressing and Megiaurs streak free glass cleaner
Hand wash with spot-free de-ionized water
• Use air to remove excess water from doors/mirrors
• Clean the interior and exterior windows
• Apply tire dressing.
• Thoroughly clean wheels.
• Thoroughly vacuum entire inside of the vehicle.
• Wipe down the dash.
• Wipe down center console.
• Wipe down door panels.
• Wipe down door jambs.
• Apply “Final Touch” treatment to the surface of paint (spray on liquid wax to maintain the paint’s finish and shine


Exterior Detail

Available for: Sedan, SUV, larger trucks, and vans.

• Clay bar application (non-abrasive clear-coat cleaner to remove surface dirt and marks).
• Hand or machine wax application (Teflon paint sealer also available – ask for pricing).
• Minor scratch removal.
• Chrome Trim Care application.
• Thorough rim/wheel cleaning.
• Apply tire dressing.
• Clean windows.
• Thorough vacuuming.
• Dust and complete interior wipe down.
Optional services available at an extra charge (ask us)…
• Teflon paint sealer
• Paint correction (3/4 stage)
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Interior Detail

• Thorough vacuum, including the trunk.
• Carpets, seats, and floor mats shampooed.
• Leather and vinyl treatments applied.
• Door jambs, air vents, and headliner cleaned.
• Apply interior dressing
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Complete Detail

Available for: Sedan, SUV, larger trucks, and vans.

NOTE: These prices include our…
• Deluxe Hand Wash package
• Exterior Detail package
• Interior Detail package
• Shampoo floor mats & carpet
• Pressure washed with a special cleaner
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RV’s – Trailers – Motorhomes

Prices may vary depending on size and condition.

• Wash only
• Wash and wax
• Wash, wax, buff, and polish
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Boat Detailing – Exterior

• Hand wash exterior including trailer
• Clay bar application to the entire surface of the paint
• Hand or machine wax application on the surface of the paint and hull

Boat Detailing – Interior

• Thorough vacuuming
• Clean and condition seats
• Shampoo carpets
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Motorcycle Detail

Depending on size and accessories

• Hand-wash the entire bike.
• Aluminum and chrome polish applied.
• Clay bar application to the entire painted surface.
• Wax applied to the entire painted surface.
• Treat leather seat, bags, etc.
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